Help Eliminate Fall Allergens From Your Carpet

Does it seem as if allergies have hit you hard as we transition into fall? The problem may not be the elements of the great outdoors, but the allergens that are being held inside your

carpet or upholstery fibers. As we go from day to day, in and out of the house, we track things in from outside, whether on our clothing, our shoes, or from our pets. As we lay on our carpet or furniture, we leave the allergens, where they will find a home within materials fibers.

To help alleviate your fall allergies, have your carpet and furniture’s upholstery professionally cleaned. The deep steam cleaning technology will help to penetrate your carpets fibers, eliminating the allergens that have collected over time. After you have had Everclean Carpet and Upholstery professionally clean your carpet, we offer a few tips to keep your carpet allergen free:

  • Vacuum your carpet a minimum of one time per week
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned once every 3-6 months
  • Wipe down furniture upholstery frequently and wash your bed linens weekly
  • Change your home air filters regularly to reduce airborne particles from entering through vents

Although we cannot guarantee that your allergies will be eliminated, we can help minimize them. Call today to schedule your homes professional carpet cleaning, and we will even make the 4th room free! Contact us for more details!


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