Party Clean Up For Your Carpet

The holiday partiesĀ are over and you’ve probably finished most of your post party clean up. Does it seem like you carpet looks dingy or dirty after the increase in foot traffic? It probably does! Guest after guest tracked in dirt and salt residue into your home on the bottom of their shoes, dripped salsa on your white carpet, maybe even spilled some wine. Rather than pulling out the spot treatment and wasting time pulling out the carpet cleaner to tackle the mess yourself, a professional carpet cleaning is your best option.

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Self Cleaning

Although self cleaning your carpet may seem like a good idea, there is a downside to doing so. Using an at home carpet cleaner or spot cleaner may temporarily have your carpet looking clean, is it really cleaner? Carpet fibers trap dirt and debris deep down in places your carpet cleaner cannot get to. Upon completing cleaning your carpet with a self carpet cleaner, water and soap residue settle to the deepest part of your carpet resulting in dirt to accumulate faster in the future, as well as causing potential damage to the sub floor beneath the carpet.

Professionals Get All the Water From Your Carpet

Differing from do it yourself carpet cleaning methods, professional carpet cleaning services utilize a different method of carpet cleaning. Temperatures of over 200 degrees create steam that disinfects and releases deep down dirt and debris. The high-powered suction then pulls the debris, dirt, and stains up eliminating them from your carpet. Your carpet will dry fast and remain clean longer.

Everclean Carpet Cleaning is a local eastside company and we have many friends and customers in our neighboring cities; Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Rochester that have already scheduled or had their carpets cleaned. We make it convenient and save you money with our carpet cleaning specials. So please give us a call using our toll free number at 1-586-764-0969 or contact us online with any questions or request.

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