Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Regardless of how much you clean, what type of cleaning products you use, it seems almost impossible to keep your bathroom grout sparkly white. Of course you can use home remedies or concoctions that can lighten the stains, and remove the surface dirt, but to get a deep, squeaky clean, it takes much more.

With a state-of -the-art truck mounted steam cleaner, Everclean Carpet and Upholstery can leave your tile and tub or shower enclosures clean and free of soap and mineral deposits. Many times when we clean our own grout, the chemicals that we use, either do not cut through existing soap scum and mineral deposits, or they leave a new layer of its own residue. When soap or mineral residue is left behind, dirt sticks much easier, making the need for cleaning more frequent.

To make everything easier, just one low cost deep grout cleaning from Everclean Carpet will surprise you with just how clean your bathroom will look. Leave the tough jobs to the professionals! To schedule your tile and grout cleaning today, contact Everclean Carpet and Upholstery! 1-586-764-0969

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