Think Smart When Spring Cleaning!

Spring has just begun, and many residents in Oakland county and the Metro Detroit area are preparing to “spring clean” their homes. Is carpet cleaning on your list of to-dos? If so we have some tips on ensuring you think smart when spring cleaning this year!

If you really want a deep clean when it comes to carpet, hardwood or tile flooring here are some things to keep in mind:

  • At home carpet cleaners cause more bad than good. Have you ever spent hours going back and forth over your carpet just for it to seem like it gets dirty again so quick? Well, that is because it is. Soap residue gets trapped in your carpet creating a sticky trap for dirt and debris. Not only that, but they are not powerful enough to suck the water from the carpet and carpet padding as well as it needs to be. This can cause damage to hardwood flooring or sub-flooring overtime. Especially with continued usage.spring cleaning tile, grout and floors
  • Grout cleaning is very time consuming. We all see the ads for grout cleansers that make it look like your grout will get as good as new. Good luck with that. In order to have your grout and tile looking like new, water has to be at excessive temperatures of nearly 200 degrees to allow for soap and mineral deposits to be released.
  • Hardwood floor cleaning can be finicky. Because there are so many beautiful variations to a hardwood floor, it is important to remember that certain cleansers and water temperatures can be damaging to the wood’s finish, and the wood itself. To maintain a beautiful wood finish be sure to use the proper cleaning materials.

To avoid all of the hassles for floor cleaning consider hiring professional carpet and flooring cleaners in Michigan. Everclean Carpet and Upholstery has been cleaning carpet, tile, grout, hardwood flooring, and other floor types for over 20 years. Schedule your spring cleaning appointment today!

Remember: Think smart when spring cleaning this year!

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