Getting Your Carpets Ready For The Winter

Winter Carpet Clean

Getting ready for winter should include cleaning your carpets. You’ll thank yourself later.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and cleaning your boat, RV, Camper, and indoor/ carpets before the winter is a great example of that. You may think that cleaning these carpets isn’t necessary, but your future Spring cleaning self will thank you later.

You’ll avoid the musty, mildew smell that these items can get over the Winter into the Spring by having a professional clean all your indoor and outdoor carpets.

The Crazy Michigan Winters

We here at Everclean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning will help you get your carpets clean and ready to brave the crazy Michigan winters we’ve been having. We use our state-of-the-art truck mounted steam cleaning system to clean your carpets with pressurized water in excess of 200 degrees. Our system extracts excess moisture that mold loves to grow in and sanitizes the growing environment mold and mildew thrive in. Since these past winters have had such fluxing of temperatures  we can’t rely on the cold of the winter to kill off the spores and environments that kill mold and mildew, especially as we go into the spring.

Even though marine and carpets are made to be waterproof and mold resistant, where there is water, there will inevitably be mold. If that is left to cultivate over the winter storage, you’ll end up with a musky gross smelling boat that no one will be able to enjoy. We suggested heading this off at the pass by cleaning your carpets early.

Same can be said about your RV and camper. If you don’t clean it properly chances are in the Spring you’ll have to spend the extra time to get the smell out of your camper and RV.  Prevent it by using our services. 

We here at Everclean Carpets want to get your boat cleaned and ready for the big sleep, contact us today for a quote on your clean carpets!

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