Removing Bad Odors from Carpet

Have you ever noticed or smelled something very horrible coming from your carpet? “I’ll clean it up later”, you say, but later comes and the smell is even worse!. Removing bad odors from your carpet can be a hassle, especially if you only mask it. Getting bad smells out of your carpet the right way, is worth your time and effort. Remember when you first detect the smell, the time to act is now!

The top three odors in carpets that are common in households are mildew, pet urine, and smoke. Cleaning bad smelling carpet is never fun, but with a few tips from Everclean Carpet cleaning experts, removing some of those bad odors will be a piece of cake.

Tips for removing common carpet odors:

Removing mildew

Removing mildew from your carpet is a tedious job, but it’s not the end of the world. As soon as you notice the mildew smell:

  1. Grab your vacuum cleaner and begin vacuuming. This will help to remove any dirt or dust from the affected area.Baking Soda
  2. Mix two cups of warm water along with one cup of vinegar into a spray bottle (be sure not to use an excessive amount of vinegar, as this could create a strong smell in your home).
  3. Carefully spray the vinegar and warm water solution onto the affected mildew area.
  4. Once the solution is sprayed, pour a nice amount of baking soda onto the mildew area of your carpet and allow for it to dry completely.
  5. Once everything is dry, vacuum over the warm water, vinegar, and baking soda solution.

Removing Pet Urine

Pet urine is one of the strongest odor smells there is and it comes with some unsightly stains. A home remedy that is used to help remove pet urine is as follows:

  1. Grab some paper towel and lay it directly on the new urine stain. If the urine stain is old, begin by rinsing the stained carpet with soap and water.
  2. Next, place newspapers over the layer of paper towels. If your carpet is removable, put the layer of newspapers underneath.
  3. Either stand or place a heavy object on the affected area of pet urine for a least one minute and then check to see if the area is dry.
  4. Once the area is dry, carefully rinse the carpet with cool water, then vacuum up the excessive water from the carpet.

Removing Smoke Odor

Deodorizing your carpet from smoke odor will help to eliminate the bad odor smell quicker. When trying to remove smoke odor, simply:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on the area that’s affected and allow for it to sit overnight.
  2. Vacuum up the baking soda from the carpet (you may need to replace the vacuum bag, as baking soda can fill up quickly).
  3. Run a steam cleaner, filled with white vinegar over the smoke odor stain.
  4. To prevent mold, open the window for the stain to dry.

If you’re interested in getting your carpet professionally cleaned, deodorized or scotch guarded please contact Everclean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning today. Along with the home remedies we’ve provided, we’d be more than happy to remove any or all carpet or upholstery odors and stains for you.

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