Keeping Your Carpet Clean Through The Winter And Ready For Spring

We know our seasons can be unpredictable but Michigan has sure showed us it has no mercy through this long winter. We have been continuously covered in snow this year with mounds of snow everywhere and roads of ice, the salt companies and local stores have even run out of salt.

Damaged roads, carpet and flooring in homes have all taken a toll through the weather conditions. If you do not treat your carpet immediately after water and salt getting tracked in from outside it can cause minor or major carpet damage and need a good cleaning or replaced.

Tips to prevent salt and weather damage on your carpet

  • Use a wet/dry vacuum to get the heavy duty salt and water off your carpets
  • Then use a inside vacuum that will get deeper in the carpet fibers to clean
  • If there are stains after vacuuming, you can use a mild spot carpet treatment.

If you know a mild household spot treatment would not take care of the carpet damage call us at 1-800-304-6111 we clean commercial and residential carpet, offering the best prices and specials in Sterling Heights, Troy, Rochester and other cities in and around Oakland County.

We also provide Emergency Spot Cleaning to professional Commercial Properties. We get a lot of calls in the winter for newer and even used/worn carpet in retail and office buildings for spot clean. It is better to clean and maintain the condition of your commercial carpet then having to replace it too soon. Let us at Everlean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning help you keep your carpets clean year round.

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